Cleatis Allen Jr.

The Grove Comedy Club, 808 S Bloomington, Lowell, AR

Cleatis Allen Jr., also known as Jr. Mane is the new funny man of comedy. Voted “Funniest Man In Memphis" in Commercial Appeal . His natural wittiness evokes laughter in everyone from the jail house to the church house. Born in the small country town of Pisgah, Tennessee, which is close to Memphis, Cleatis knew his gift was making people laugh, even at a young age. Early on, his parents recognized his outgoing and entertaining personality and allowed him to go to the National Baptist Convention to audition for there very competitive theater program . Of the thousands of kids who were auditioning, Cleatis landed a lead role in the play each year for several years. To spice the plays up a little, Cleatis would improv on certain scenes to incorporate humor and make the crowd laugh that lead to being hired as a fulltime writer for ther theater program. Over the years, that same outgoing and entertaining personality mixed with hard work has landed him opportunities to work with some of the most notable comedians.