Frequently Asked Questions

What door do we use?

  • Always use the door nearest the parking lot with the ramp.  (North side of building)

Do we need a reservation?

  • If you have purchased your tickets on-line, you do not need a reservation for comedy.  Your ticket reserves you a table, booth, or 3rd tier bar counter-top seat.

Can we eat during the show?

  • Yes, you can eat during the comedy show, BUT the lights are off so it's tough to see your plate.  Most folks come an hour or 45 minutes early to order food and have dishes cleared away before the lights go off.

Can we bring our kids?

  • We're a family establishment, lunch and dinner and soon will have games outside for EVERYONE!  During comedy shows, we do not have an age limit, but suggest 18+ without parents since there is adult content.  If you want to bring your teenagers, that's fine, but you'll probably want to get a sitter for the younger kids unless it's a designated family friendly show.

Can we book a room?

  • Yes, we've got plenty of room for your gathering, give us a call.