Jason Russell with Luciano Jr

The Grove Comedy Club, 808 S Bloomington, Lowell, AR

Born to a white mother and a black father, Jason had to learn how to be funny or fight! Like most comedians, finding a way to be silly in class was a way to get attention from class mates and teachers! Some teachers were amused others had no sense of humor.

Every Saturday night, Jason’s Family would have a family party with chips, candy bars and watch SCTV and SNL. Watching the different characters on TV, Jason would try to imitate them, that’s when he started creating voices and doing little skits for family and friends!

Watching Eddie Murphy And Richard Pryor, Jason could recite their lines throughout the whole show. He says, “I remember watching Jim Carry on Evening At The Improv and thinking how cool he was and saying to myself how I would love to be a comedian.”

His first real taste of the stage was in high school where he was picked to host a school talent show. Jason even asked some of the teachers if he could do an impression of them on stage, they said, "No"! Having felt so comfortable up on stage he began to think, ”Maybe I could do stand-up!”

Jason’s comedy style is silly, full of different characters and unforgettable facial expressions. His strong personality and explosive energy lets audiences know right from the start that this is going to be a ride! Never using dirty language, his show is a cross between Richard Pryor, Jim Carey and his high school Gym teacher Mr. Clacus!!