Seth Cowles with David Jessup

The Grove Comedy Club, 808 S Bloomington, Lowell, AR

Seth is originally from Boston but has cut his teeth doing comedy in Dallas as his home base for the last 13 years. Coming from the northeast to Texas has really given him a unique perspective providing interesting and clever social commentary on his life. A couple marriages, divorces, and a teenage daughter also help as sources of hilarious material.

Seth has performed in multiple festivals and clubs around the country including The Boston Comedy Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival, The Comedy Store, The Improv, Hyenas Comedy Clubs and many more. He has brought his energetic and memorable style to the stage to open for such talents as Frank Caliendo, Doug Benson, Tig Notaro, Gilbert Gottfried, Iliza Schlesinger, and Jeaneane Garafalo justto name a few. Sit back and enjoy as Seth takes you through his personal and professional triumphs as well as utter failures all while keeping you on the edge of your seat and dying of laughter.